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Meg update..not egg bound

I cant post in the original discussion. So.. after an epsom salt spa bath which she loved (she closed her eyes and relaxed, chirrupping and only kicked up a fuss when i tried to take her out..so we stayed half an hour, topping the water up to keep it warm :-) massaging her belly) a cuddle and hairdryer later and she did a huge pooh as I put her outside on the sunshine. She's off lay but eating, drinking and behaving perfectly normally. At only 77wks old, Im hoping she might lay again but that's ok if not. She's more to me than an egg machine.


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    edited April 2016
    They do love a bath once they get used to the idea :D

    Glad to hear from you, and good that she is well.  I think you'll find we all love our hens even if they only lay invisible eggs. I've still never found one of those - but my ladies assure me that they exist, and that I must surely need glasses. ;)

    There is a good chance that Meg is now laying internally.  What I would do is check her weight now and then to see if she is gaining, as this could well be fluid.  Fluid isn't always easy to see at first, even when you've dealt with it before.  If this does happen then we can explore the options with you then.  
    Some hens never need help with this, and just carry on normally.  I have hens who even sit regularly and sing the loudest egg song (fibbers!).
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    oh well done - thats really good news
    yes ive got some that dont lay but theyre still special to me
    it can be embarrassing when people find out you keep chickens they always ask do you get eggs?then laugh when you say no
    xx kath
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