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Unwanted Cockerells

I am messaging you on behalf of my mum as she doesn't get on too well with Computers and accounts.

We have 2 large (In my opinion) Cockerells which are unfortunately too loud for our location, which we would like to rehome.

We have currently have 5 hens and two runner ducks aswell, we were hoping to get more hens if you have and possibly some ducks.

I know we're not exactly local but you seem very helpful and know how to look after them.

Sorry for the long message, my first time here


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Hi Simon,

    It can be quite difficult to rehome cockerels but let us know where you are and we can see if anyone has any suggestions.
  • Richmond upon Thames. Thanks for any help. P.s. I don't mind driving a bit to give them a good home.
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    It's a bit quiet on here at the moment isn't it?

    I helped someone rehome two cockerels a few years ago.  We ended up using facebook, and looked for any local poultry groups on there. 
    It helps if your cockerels are pure breeds, as breeders may be interested.  If you are not too sure what they are, you can post a pic on here and we may be able to help identify them. 
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