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How Hard will it be to Sell My Poultry Farm?

I have been selling poultry farms since 1982. I currently have a
Purchase contract on an OK Foods contract broiler farm.  At the time the
buyer and seller signed the purchase contract, there were only basic
updates required, amounting to about $20,000, which is normal and was
expected.  Three weeks before closing, OK Foods said they have new
update requirements and this farm will require approx $125,000 in
upgrades, larger generator, longer cool cells, etc, etc.  This has been a
top producing farm since it was built in 2004. The bank approved, ready
and willing buyer is now unable to purchase this farm from the ready
and willing seller, because with an additional $125,000 added to the
mortgage this farm, it will no longer cash flow, and the seller has
already come down far as he can. The seller has health issues so are now
in jeopardy of loosing the farm ...  Why do the poultry companies make
it so hard for growers to sell their farms, especially after all the money they have made for OK Foods over the past 12 years?
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