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Free Range Egg shed - Range issues

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions about what to do with my range,  I have a 32000 bird unit and outside the popholes I have 10 metres of stones chips for the birds to pop out onto followed by their grazing paddocks.  This works extremely well in the sense that the birds range extremely well.  However my problem is that because the birds range so well the stones chips become thick with manure, I have tried grubbing it up which works for a day and then it is back to square one.  The stones are all removed at the end of each flock and fresh stones put down which in itself is a costly exercise but this flock the stones are so dirty at week 50 that I am contemplating having to lift them now and put fresh stones down. 

What do other producers do?  I have looked at concrete but it doesn't seem to be with out its problems either.  I wondered about external slats 4-5 metres out form the shed but am struggling to find such a thing.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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