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Help and guidance please !

Al JonesAl Jones Junior Member
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Tina and I have fenced off 7metres x 22metres area for our new chicken coop and area and are looking for advice and guidance on getting 6 hens and a cockerel.

The breeds we fancy so far are the West Sussex and Welsummer. We are very new to this and we are looking for layers for the house and to build our own flock. Any suppliers near us ?

What's the do's and don'ts?

We live Essex/Suffolk border,




  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    edited January 2015
    Hi Al & Tina, welcome to the forum!

    Your best bet would probably be to start by buying yourself a monthly magazine, such as 'Your Chickens'. Plenty of generally good advice in there and an extensive classifieds section which may help you find a good breeder near you for your starter flock.

    Otherwise - where to start with do's and dont's?! Here goes with a couple:

    Is there any particular reason why you fancy 6 hens? You will get a lot of eggs in the first year, and possibly the first winter too if they are late Spring/Summer hatches, but then the egg production will start to drop with none in the second winter. I'd consider starting with three hens, then adding two or three the following year etc.
    Bear in mind that if you breed from them you are highly likely to get more cocks than hens - what will you do with the surplus? Not easy to give away! A lot of us (me included) love the idea of little chicks running around but it must be given careful thought.

    Who will look after them if you go away? Come home after dark?

    If you are definitely going ahead I would also advise you to find our who your nearest hen-friendly vet is. Small animal practices rarely have the expertise, so you will often find a good vet a a 'large animal' practice (farm vet).
    Of course - you can always ask us lot for advice any time too once you're up and running!

    Keep in touch:)
  • Al JonesAl Jones Junior Member
    edited February 2015
    Further questions on here are not showing why is this ?
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