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New to chickens and breed id please

HenshootenHenshooten Junior Member
edited November 2014 in "Off Your Chest"
Hi fellow chooky enthusiasts ,my names Sean but my friend call me Henshooter (it has nothing to do with shooting chickens it is a derivative of my last name)

I have recently purchased two ex shed poultry girls that were reported not to be laying ,they were in fairly poor condition when we purchased them but with some tender love ,care and medical needs taken care of they have been brought back to good health and believe it or not ,both have started laying again on a daily basis ,their names are Coffee and Coco and they are wonderful girls ,just like a puppy dog they hang around my feet and love company .

We decided early that they would be free roaming organic girls ,because of my living circumstances they have roughly a space of about 15 m x15 m to roam and peck till their hearts content ,a nice big coop and nesting boxes ,they even have a door they can operate and have been trained to do so ,so they can choose when to leave the coop ,we are predator free as no foxes or such can get in .
The only issue Is their breed ,I'm relatively sure coco the brown one is an isabrown ,I suspect coffee is a australorp isa brown hybrid but I'm no expert on the matter so if anyone could confirm or correct me on my id that would be great

Thanks all and happy brooding lol

Edit ,I'm unable to load up a pic due to file size restrictions ,as soon as I can alter this I will upload one
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