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Free to a Good Home

petensolpetensol Junior Member
edited September 2014 in Market Place
1 x Large Fowl Silver Laced Wyandotte about 2.5 yrs, laying large eggs
1 x Buff Laced Wyandotte about 2.5 years, laying
1 x Lohmanns, 2.5 years, not currently laying (shed her intestinal lining 5 months ago, but previously prolific layer of very large brown eggs)
All wormed in May 2014.
House move into temporary accommodation first forces us to let them go :(
The Lohmanns is a particularly friendly character who will follow me everywhere and loves a two-way 'chat' All very quiet and friendly.
Free to a good home in the West Midlands.
Contact: pete_r_higgins@yahoo.com
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