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The Poultry Club of Great Britain National Show 2013

I had a busy weekend photographing some rare breeds and championship row at the Poultry Club National Poultry Show this year with poultry photographer Rupert Stephenson.

Championship row is of course exciting to see and there are always some superb specimens of a breed there, however the rare poultry section is always the most interesting to me and the Rare Poultry Society know me well by now!

Having been to the National Poultry Show for a good few years, I am always keen to see what good examples of rare breeds they have at the show.

Sometimes the breed gains popularity and a few years later, there are half a dozen entries from different breeders, but more often than not, I don't see this breed again in subsequent years - so I try to get some photos of these birds to catalogue them.

I often wonder whether the breeder has given up, not found other bloodlines to outcross, had a fox attack or simply doesn't think it's worth the entrance fee to put their rare birds in a pen 'out of the way' at the show where the majority of visitors don't know what breed they are.

You can see our photos of the National Poultry Show here:


I would be interested to hear whether you keep a rare breed. Personally, I think it's important to have at least a trio of a rare breed if you keep a dozen or more hens and can accommodate the cock bird. I hope you like the photos.

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