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Cockerel in need of new home

ChickenDipperChickenDipper Junior Member
edited March 2014 in Market Place
I purchased a Light Sussex and a Welsummer around 5 weeks ago at the age of about 10 weeks and they have unfortunately both grown into lovely young cockerels! I am fairly new to keeping chickens, and don't have the space to keep them separately. At the moment they are getting along reasonably well, but I am keen to re-home at least one of them as I know the older they get, the less well they will see eye-to-eye. The breeder I bought them from is not willing to take one back so I am now seeking a new home for either one of them or both of them.
They are very healthy and lively, the Welsummer is developing lovely new colours and characteristics by the day, and the Light Sussex is very curious and friendly.
I live in the Nantwich area of East Cheshire, and I am willing to deliver to a reasonable distance providing he goes to a loving home.
I am sorry to see one/both of them go to other homes, and I have certainly learnt my lesson of not buying unsexed poultry and taking the gamble!
Is there anyone out there in need of one of my boys?
Thanks, ChickenDipper.


  • sazzle32sazzle32 Junior Member
    edited March 2014
    Hi. Has the Welsummer being taken!!!??
    I'll have him! I live on 300 acre farm in Yorks with 8 ladies needing a man!
    LOVE welsummers :)
    Sarah x
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