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Orpington Bantams

kitlakitla Junior Member
edited July 2013 in Market Place
I hatched some of these cuties for a friend but unfortunately due to a change in circumstance she can no longer take them. Anyone interested? I'm near Kettering but willing to travel within reason.They're 11 weeks old
I have a pair of gold laced - they're very fond of eachother, I'd like them to
go together
a partridge coloured frizzle boy that's full of character, very independent, and
already trying it on with my huge brahma hen!:eek:
another frizzle boy, black & white. He's extremely tame & loves being cuddled
Also a very pretty boy Green/black with red back and partridge wingtips
smooth feathered but frizzle genes, he is very tame.
I have another gold laced pullet, she's very tame, I'd like to keep her but may
be willing to let her go with one of the last two boys.
I also have a barely used brinsea mini advance incubator and electric hen that I
was planning to sell, I may be willing to include these somehow in an arrangement..
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