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Effective and practical way to eliminate flies/fly growth for a broiler farm?

bikeroutebikeroute Junior Member
edited July 2013 in Producers and Vets
A bit of a background: we own a 40,000 bird capacity broiler farm in a country with a tropical climate, meaning we get quite a bit of sunshine and rain all year round creating a degree of humidity. As such, flies love this and it has become a bother not just to us but in the surrounding areas as well. They spring from the chicken manure that accumulates below our buildings. As a remedy, we make it a point to dry up the manure (removing presence of water/spreading under sunshine), collect, and gather them into sacks to immediately rid the area of a point at which these flies can gather and mature; however, this may not always yield the perfect results and flies still permeate the area. We have tried chemicals and other products both in the feeds and on the manure buildup itself and so far they have either lost its effectivity as time goes or has not worked at all.

With that in mind, does anyone have experience regarding this matter and can you provide details on possible solutions? As much as possible, we would like to be frugal about it and lessen the need of additional chemicals which can be quite expensive for a facility as large as ours. Tunnel ventilation/air cooling is not a viable option as of the moment.

Are there oil/materials/items in the market which prevent the growth of flies? Or techniques or structural designs we can supplement on our existing building?


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