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Selling Call & Khaki Campbell Ducklings

NightHawkNightHawk Junior Member
edited June 2007 in Market Place
Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know that if your near North Idaho and are looking for Call ducks or Khaki Campbells I'm selling them for $8 each. They're still young so I can't sex them yet, but if your interested let me know.


  • bscottbscott Junior Member
    edited June 2007
    I'm not in the market for another duck just yet but have a duck question. I'm in S.E. Idaho. What do you do for your ducks in the winter? I kept mine in with the chickens, but now "Donald" has taken a liking to one of my Rhode Island Red Hens and won't leave her alone (if ya know what I mean)! I don't know how to get him to stop other than separating them! Any ideas?
  • NightHawkNightHawk Junior Member
    edited June 2007
    I keep my ducks with my chickens as well so they were locked up in the chicken coop all winter. Without a pool to go swim in they made a huge mess of my waterer. Because they were with the chickens I didn't want to open the door and let them swim (plus I'd have to break all the ice). I've heard they can handle the cold weather a lot better than chickens though. And they don't seem to mind the snow and ice. For me though I want to keep my chickens warm so that they lay eggs all winter.

    The only idea I have is to get some of that rooster-no-pick stuff. There's different names for it, but it's basically a paste that you put on the hen. When the rooster, or drake, pecks her he gets a bad taste in his mouth and eventually doesn't bother her anymore. My rooster was getting too friendly with some of my hens and that's what I did. So maybe it will work for the drake?
  • bscottbscott Junior Member
    edited June 2007
    Thanks so much for the ideas! I'll give the paste stuff a try!:D
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