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2 yr Cuckoo Maran Cockerel needs a home

Lee SmeatonLee Smeaton Junior Member
edited June 2012 in Market Place
Its a sad day, but "Big Willy" has finally got to go.

He's a very handsome Cuckoo Maran

We have had him from a youngster for just under 2 years and up till now he has been brilliant. My problem is, I have gone from 10 hens to 4 and they just arent getting the chance to recover from his rather aggressive mounting - and he has started getting very aggressive towards my other half. He will go for her when her back is turned

Its such a shame because usually he is brilliant - he really looks after his girls and managed to see off the local fox when he got in last year (lost a spur and a few feathers but the fox left a trail of blood across the field for his troubles - so a fair trade off)

We are in Essex right on the Herts border - postcode is CM23 1BG

Im not going to lie and say he is a sweet docile chap who will sit on your knee and take bits of biscuit held between your lips - but he is a character who would suit a large flock of girls to look after - he can be a miserable bugger at times - but I think thats part of his character

I am happy to deliver him within 20 miles if it means him getting a caring home - failing that our options are starting to run out. Its not his fault he's the way he is, I think it was more to do with my lack of experience in keeping poultry when I started

drop me an email if you are interested

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