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Baby Jackdaw Wanted - help please

DeedlesDeedles Member
edited May 2012 in Market Place
Hi All

I know that this is not technically a chicken/poultry related enquiry however this site has never let us down when we have had a question about our hens so thought we would give it a shot.....
Our local farm shop where we got our chickens from has a jackdaw in an aviary which is quite a character. We are thinking of building an aviary and was considering getting a jackdaw to put in it.
Either my wife or I are always at home so would have the time to dedicate to it. Ideally we would like a baby which we could hand rear, however we are struggling to find any breeders or anywhere we can get one from.
We are aware that they are hard to come by, however does anyone know of anyone / anywhere in the Essex area that we could look into?
Any help, comments or guidance would be appreciated.
Many thanks
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