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whos in charge?

undautriundautri Senior Member
edited May 2012 in "Off Your Chest"
its easy for me to see the pecking order of my 4 girls but since seeing sandie talk about her alpha male ive been trying to work out who mine is...
theres Krull, who does a perfect crow and usually initiates crowing sessions
,is the first (with help from Sheila) to investigate anything unusual or scarey in the garden....
always lets the girls take his treats out of his beak, and calls them when hes found goodies for them (a mouses head one day last week)
treads all the girls, including the odd dice with death of treading georgie
BUT hes afraid of Buzz who regularly chases and pecks him.

Then theres Buzz, who hasnt got a "doodle"(...says cock-a errrrrrgh.)
holds back and lets others investigate possible dangers
calls the girls to get treats and titbits he finds but eats them before they can
wouldnt never even think about treading Georgie, lets Sheila talk him out of it and cant catch the two youngsters very often then half the time he falls off

so is Krull my alpha but a wuss whos afraid of his brother or is it Buzz although hes not very good at any of it...
answers on a postcard please:D (no prizes for those stating the obvious- Georgie wears the trousers)


  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    edited May 2012
    Sometimes there doesn't seem to be a clear boss.Some shine in one direction, some in another, but it's probably Krull in your boys.

    My co alphas, Twp and Gordon (father and son as it happens) fought a few days back......Twp with hackles all raised, Gordon doesn't have hackles, and both eventually retreated with bloody faces. This is very unusual for them as they "lord it" over two separate groups and sleep in two separate coops. The Shed Crew (Gordon's)hang around by the ag. shed and only get a little bit of food first thing as the rest of the day they eat lamb food from the feeder (must have a similar composition to layer's as they do very well on it). The other group, led by Twp. The Backdoor Men perpetually beg at the house door.The La Flèche girls wander off all day on their own.
    Lestat (La Fleche) and Artemis (Brahma) tend to wander between the two groups, and Arian and Melvin (NN) hang around on the periphery of both groups and jump on any unsuspecting hen who passes.

    Your brothers sound as though they get on OK, Kath.

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited May 2012
    awww im glad they didnt do too much damage to each other-gordon being lacking in the feather armour department.!
    im very lucky that krull chooses to run from buzz- hes a lot bigger than him and so would do some damage-i havent got the space like youve got to separate themselves and couldnt bear to part with either of them- that would be an absolute nightmare:eek:
    but the next time krull has a go at my leg i might think differently....little so and so does it to any strangers in my garden (including my daughter and eldest son who dont go out the garden very often)
    i think he had a go at my next door neighbours pedigree puppy yesterday...they went shopping and left it in the garden and it came over to mine. ....there was a stomach churning yelp and i went out to find the pup cowering under a chair by my back door and krull was doing a victory crow.
  • HenzillaHenzilla Member
    edited May 2012
    Sounds like this boy needs an asbo & tag!
    A muzzle? Little begger!
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