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Sick Chicken

AngellahAngellah Junior Member
edited April 2012 in Producers and Vets
My chicken are giving out a watery brown stool, they have fluffy feathers and have lost appetite. What disease could this be and how can i treat it? Please help.
I am in Uganda.


  • DaisyMay7DaisyMay7 Member
    edited April 2012
    SORRY TO HEAR, of your sick chicken. Are your other chickens all okay?
    Try to take the sick chicken into a separate box/ pen if unsteady on feet or falling over. As the others may start picking on / bullying her, try to get your hen to drink plently. I usually offer water in a little bowl, so able to drink and do very often to ensure having enough fluids. Not sure if can get poultry/ chicken tonic to add to their feed/ water, where your based, it's like a mineral/ vitamin supplement. Anything like that if available or can order online if able to
    Try worming to, as can cause these issues, worm all the hens together.
    Make sure doesn't overheat, as losing more fluids already. Need to try and encourage eating, give favourite foods first as treats anything they adore. Then build back onto normal diet re layers pellets/ mash and corn treats etc.
    A number of causes, but main thing is to keep her drinking so doesn't become dehydrated and try to watch for laying normally. May have stopped producing as decease in eating, just watch not getting egg bound. This would show as hen stooped position and Obvious discomfort, low tail feathers and extremely miserable. Please keep everybody posted, if don't mind on how she's doing.
    Thanks, take care I hope gets better really soon.
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