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Two Pekin Bantum cockerels need good home please

HannahsmummyHannahsmummy Junior Member
edited March 2012 in Market Place
Came home today to two of the three young pekin bantum cockerels fighting like mad, have separated them but two need new homes. One is Black the other is black/brown/white frizzel (THINK Old fashined Feather Duster!) Pictures attached.

I have been expecting it but couldnt choose between them! My little girl (age 5) has just chosen to keep the third who one we called Cuckoo (becasue he seemed a mad when he was a chick!) so she's made the decision for me, If I cant find homes within a couple of days they aer going to have to be culled i think, I know some of you will be saying 'you should have done it before' but equally sme of you will no doubt understand my reluctance! They have been running with 7 pekin hens (various colours, plus the last one of my big girls (Ruby, a Sussex).

I hope someone out there can give them a home before the enevitable other outcome. Plese contact me by reply to this email.
We're in postcode area IP26.

Many thanks - i hope!
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