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Preserving Eggs for Farmers Market

EvelynEvelyn Junior Member
edited May 2007 in Market Place
Does anyone out there have any bright ideas for preserving eggs for our local Farmers Market. I already pickle them in wine vinegars and am thinking about smoking them as well. Any more delicious possibilities for added value and interest


  • twizletwizle Junior Member
    edited May 2007
    :D hi am new to this site, i thought, as it is getting warmer and people will be hungrey on the day, why not make mini salads, with potato, egg and ither salad- cream or mayo, toped with salad in pots if you can get some.don't forget plastic forks.
    or just an idea. fill baggetts.you could make quiche. hope this helps.
  • EvelynEvelyn Junior Member
    edited May 2007
    Hi Twizle

    Thanks for replying and I hope somebody else at the market will take up that mantle - we have only recently gotten underway. I am still interested in variations on the preserving angle as I can't cope with more "last minute stuff", so anybody out there with any more ideas please post them. I have duck, hen and quail and they are all laying like little trojans.

  • twizletwizle Junior Member
    edited May 2007
    hi, sorry i could'nt help. hope some one else can. if i hear of anything else i will post a relpy.
  • pegasuzukpegasuzuk Junior Member
    edited May 2007
    You can preserve eggs whole and uncooked in their shells in "Waterglass" which is a solution of water and soluble sodium silicate - normally the best place to source it is local chemists or old fashioned ironmongers.

    If you want to cook/bake but need a reasonably long shelf life you could opt for meringues or preserves like lemon curd?

    Worth getting hold of the book - hens in the garden eggs in the kitchen - full of lots of good ideas about what to make with eggs

    Hope this helps

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