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L/F Brahma's & Blue Orps Notts delivered to Cambs

AnnschooksAnnschooks Member
edited January 2012 in Market Place
L/F Brahma's & L/F Blue Orps
Age/hatch year:2011 hatch
Location: Notts delivery to Cambs and surounding areas

Price: £25.00 each

P&P costs: total delivery cost is dependant upon how many people respond. Its £60. for fuel shared between buyers. I have two or possibly three buyers now. If anyone interested in delivery to other areas please get in touch.

I'm happy to deliver to buyers enroute or a little further afield from Cambs.

Description: Splendid Brahma's & Blue Orps. All from excellent breeding stock. I won 1st 2nd 3rd with my Orps in their section at East of England last year. At that they were immature birds. They come from a line of National show winners

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