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Various Rare breeds for sale

SportscarSportscar Member
edited January 2012 in Market Place
Black red Yokohama pullet for sale. 6 months old. Very rare. £50 from unrelated parents.
A pair of seramas (dark) cockerel 6 months old and hen 1 yr old. £25
A trio of seramas(mottled) cock and two hens 1 1/2 yrs old £50
A quartet of (white) cock and three hens. 1 1/2 yrs old but one hen is old and doesn't lay anymore but "Granny" must go with them as they are all inseparable £60
The seramas are our breeding unrelated stock and since we are giving them up someone will get our top quality birds...
A pair of gold partridge dutch bantam 6 months old cock and hen £30 SOLD !!! May be more later on...
A pair of Yokohama x pekin(black) long tail and pekin shape with feathery legs. Proven to be hardy, easy to tame(friendly) and great layers/broodies. 6 months old. Cock and hen £15

I can't upload pics on here but have loads I can email to anyone interested. Just pm me your email addy and I will send you pics of anything you are interested in. Chickens I mean !!!!!
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