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KleonaptraKleonaptra Junior Member
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Posted this in poultry health - thought I might pop it in here as well

Howdy all. Some years ago I incubated some eggs - Pacific black ducks - under a lamp and was successful for one duck who is now a 3 year old drake. Ive recently done it again and was looking for some advice.

I candled last week and 3 were live - moving embryos and good blood vessels. One pipped on Sunday night (11/12) and this morning I helped it hatch. Today (13/12) is 25 days since the day I picked them up, Pacific Blacks are a small breed similar to mallards and take 24-26 days to hatch. I have a sterilized water sprayer I use for humidity and a laser thermometer and Ive kept them at about 36 degrees celsius.

The duckling that hatched this morning is INCREDIBLY lively, peeping and wriggling about on its elbows. Its waste sac was still attached (soon dropped off) and it has a little red lump on its rear end. Is this normal? It seems to strain sometimes like its pushing, Im worried its going to push too hard! I seem to remember the other one doing this years ago and I was very excited when he ate and pooped normally. Ducklings first order of business was to wriggle over and smack the other eggs, Im really hoping to see some action out of them soon. One of them had dark spots like bruises come up on sunday, spread across the shell like a cloud last night and is now going creamy again! Does anyone know what this means? Ive read that dark spots can be a duckling getting ready to pip so I hope thats whats going on.

Any advice would be welcome. I am well aware that a lamp is not suitable for incubating but I have never actually set out to incubate eggs - people bring them to me because I do bird rescue and have raised baby birds that were blind and featherless. I have a 7 yr old pacific black female rescued as a duckling and had hopes that she would breed with the drake but no luck. Im really hoping someone from this clutch will fix this problem!

UPDATE: The duckling is very big, twice the size of the one I raised years ago but obviously same breed. Its very fluffy now and sleeping. I let it nibble a bit of watery food off my hands and figured this will be the proof if it will live or not. No action from the other eggs.


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
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    Sorry - I don't know about ducks but I'm just putting your thread back to the top in case one of our duck owning members comes on.
  • KleonaptraKleonaptra Junior Member
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    Thanks Solarbats.

    Little Piper is doing very well. Survived the first 24 hours which is always a big test. Didnt like the crushed up pellets I gave it so I made some watery farax which it enjoyed. Red lump is now gone, its running and jumping and peeping and doing all the right duckling things! Its little toes are still curled up, very slowly opening out. I really hope one of the other eggs will pip.
  • KleonaptraKleonaptra Junior Member
    edited December 2011
    Hi all. Im really hoping some duck people see this soon!

    My first duckling pipped on day 23 of incubation, we are now on day 28. I candled this morning and the white egg looks totally clear - one or two viens but I think its a quitter.

    The other egg still has dark splotches - and they are still changing pattern! Its air sac is nice big and clean with lovely big clear viens all around it. The empty parts of the egg (not many of those) had a healthy red tint. So Im REALLY hoping to get a duck out of there! I did some googling and someone on YA said if the breed is dark dont worry - these babies are born mostly black with a bit of yellow.

    None of this strangeness happened with the first egg, it just up and pipped with no warning. I was worried because in that one the air sac got bigger faster than in the others and I never saw much movement but I have a healthy duck out of it.

    The dark egg is the one I marked as 'lively emryo' because it always juggled when I was candling. The whole egg is going dark now like a bruise leaving just the air sac white. Sometimes patterns come up - it always seems to look different everytime I go in.

    Any advice would be welcome, thankyou.
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