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how did it happen?!?!

DustyShadowDustyShadow Junior Member
edited September 2011 in "Off Your Chest"
so, i have... actually, HAD an Isa Brown hen.
it kinda scared me heaps! - I only own 6 chickens, so i am rather close to them (usually i don't realise it, until they die!)

i check on my chickens each morning, and one morning i noticed that one hen wasn't looking well... she was sitting right next to the water dish.
i didn't know what to do, but i presumed it was like a sick person, or other animal - keep them hydrated and offer food...
so, i put her in the warmest patch i could find, and every 45 minutes, i would move her to the water dish, convince her to drink, then move her back.

at the end of the day, she looked worse - the red color of her comb had dissapeared, it was really pale. i decided to take her into mum. i was standing at the back door, because i couldn't hold the chicken, and take my gumboots on. i called her, and told her that i thought the hen was dying. mum thought i was joking.

suddenly the hens head started falling, onto her back, and i started getting really worried. she started convulsing - scratching me, and going feral, before looking as though she was dead. i put her on the ground, thinking that what she wanted was to be on the ground. she fell onto her side, and couldn't move or get up. even though she was paralysed, she still managed one or two more fits, before dying in my arms.

does anyone know what might have caused this??

if you didn't catch the symptoms before she died, they were:
- she started looking sick.
- she lost color in her comb
- her head started falling back - she couldn't hold it up
- she started convulsing
- she became paralysed -- more fits
- death

i would really like to know what is was - did i do something wrong??
i have considered maybe like a bran tumor or something wrong with her brain...
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