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poorly hens

henhen Junior Member
edited September 2011 in Producers and Vets
i have purchased 4 hens at market,(i think may have been a bad idea) they all seem poorly.One is sneezing,one is breething like a rattle ,one had a really bad eye(now dead) other limbing.Vet said to try Tylon (not sure if i spelt it right) Did this for a week but they are not any better ??? any ideas


  • MEGANMEGAN Senior Member
    edited September 2011
    It sounds like they have a resp infection. Tylan is an ab I assume this is what the vet gave you. When I had a hen with this I tried Tylan and it did not sort the problem and ended up sorting it with Baytril. I think the best way to give baytril is not the 10% you put in the water as you do not know how the much the hens are taking. You can get it I think it is 2.5% and this you give by syringe direct into the beak. This is prescription only Im afraid
  • henhen Junior Member
    edited September 2011
    thanks will ring the vet back ,i will try anything :)
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