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help w/baby goose

silverwindfarmsilverwindfarm Junior Member
edited August 2011 in Producers and Vets
My goose hatched only one egg out of 7 and the one that did hatch is sick. She is about 24hrs at time of this post and I put her in an incubator as I don't know if the mom had rejected her or not. She is having issues staying upright, eyes often 1/2 shut, and if she flips onto her back she can not flip back. I've been making sure she drinks water (with poultry started supplement), and she has access to starter food. She has improved some, but let me know if anyone knows what could be going on & what I should do about it.
Thank you


  • RuthRuth Junior Member
    edited August 2011
    I had one do that! it's very inconvenient. I placed it in a Tupperware and wrapped it in a towel secured it with rubber bands to keep it the right way up! and kept an eye on it, they tend to wriggle out! I kept it under the heat lamp. it was fine after 3 days, and it's fine now, all grown up and healthy. make sure you give it plenty to drink, it will either pick up, or pass on, hope this helps! and Good luck
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