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Cockerel rehoming - help!

JimboJimbo Junior Member
edited June 2011 in "Off Your Chest"
Hi. I'm coming to this site as a non-poultry owner, but we need to find a home for some of our neighbour's cockerels. They keep four of them, and despite promises that they would give them away they have not done so. We have suffered constant noise for 2 years now and are at our whits end. We are not normally the type to complain to the authorities, but that is our next step, but we fear that this, or the more drastic action which is sometimes tempting would result in a feud or nasty repercussions which we would rather avoid. In our last neighbourly discussion it was agreed that if we could find an alternative home for some of the cockerels then they could go. Any takers? Any other suggestions? Thanks.
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