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Did I do the right thing???

sammysellsammysell Junior Member
edited June 2011 in "Off Your Chest"
Hi All

Had two chickens for almost 2 years now that have become very close pets. For the last 4 months one of them has been laying soft shell eggs and eating them, I have introduced new grit and even given her crushed up oyster shell in food and water. Nothing has changed as soon as she lays the egg it is soft and she eats it. Problem number 2, she has had a poorly leg since I've had her and limps around and the last 2 weeks it has got quite bad and she stands on my leg as it obviously hurts. So many people said I should ring her neck but I have really struggled with the idea of it. Today her legs seems a little worse and hubby said you should really do it.. Anyway I had to make a very quick decision and took her to a farmer that i know that put her to sleep properly. Now I feel so bad almost like I had her murdered. You may think I'm silly but I am the sort of person that always rescues animals and this is not the kind of thing that comes natural to me.

Not sure I did the right thing, although it's a bit late now

Do they suffer when you ring their necks.

In complete and utter despair!
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