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New member - A question

PeepsParadisePeepsParadise Junior Member
edited May 2011 in "Off Your Chest"
I'm looking for a good forum to discuss chicken & pheasant related issues... But I'm wondering if this is the right place for me.

I would like to hear from some regular contributors here - is this a serious poultry discussion forum, or is this a pet discussion forum?
Also, if this isn't the right place, can you refer me to a better one?


  • PeepsParadisePeepsParadise Junior Member
    edited May 2011
    Ok after review of some topics and content on this forum, it is clearly populated with pet chicken people. So my question now is, can anyone tell me of a forum where the discussion is geared toward poultry as livestock?
  • mollydollymollydolly Senior Member
    edited May 2011
    Some people on here are just livestock farmers, some are vets, and lots of us are pet owners. The livestock people are on here but they don't contribute to every thread for obvious reasons.
    It depends what you are looking for, there is almost always an answer to any question. Lots of people keep their eyes out for interesting scientific studies, newspaper articles on poultry sites or in magazines. People put info about good deals like cheap feed supplies or free meal worms came up recently. We discuss the pros and cons of different medicines and ways to avoid health issues.

    We also talk about our pets, we talk to each other and like to hear what is going on with everyone else's girls and boys.
    I haven't heard any pheasant owners on here I have been thinking about getting some Golden or Edwards pheasants because my grandad used to keep them and I have a place near me that sells them.
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