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hens and cockeral for sale

rebeckahrebeckah Junior Member
edited May 2007 in Market Place

1 Bantam Hen
2 Black Rock Chicks
1 Silver laced Wyandotte Cockeral
I have these 4 chickens for sale & would love for them to go in pairs the black ones are a year old and the other two 2years old, there brillant layers i get eggs every day in summer and have been getting loads at the moment as well. I live in between reading and basingstoke if you wish to anymore information just ask



  • Alan CraftAlan Craft Junior Member
    edited April 2007

    I'm looking for two black rock hens - are they still for sale?

    Alan:) :D
  • marsbartoesmarsbartoes Junior Member
    edited May 2007
    Hi Do U Know Were I Could Purchase A Couple Of Hens Near Grimsby Uk
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