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New startup

chickenlkchickenlk Junior Member
edited September 2011 in Producers and Vets
Hi everyone, hope all is fine.

I am planning on starting up a poultry farm and I'm a newbie. I intend to start off with 100 birds. All layers. 50 eggs I will sell daily and 50 eggs will go into the incubator.

So for example if i start on June 1st, around June 22nd-25th I will get my first batch of chicks, right? If 40 of the 50 eggs hatch daily and half of them are hens (is that the percentage of hens/ roosters?), it means I will have 20 hens daily added. I will sell the roosters when they're a week old and retain the hens.

In around 4 months, i.e October 20th, I will daily have 20 hens who are layers. So everyday there will be 20 more added to the layer batch. Now I will start selling 50 hens a day for meat.

How much space will I need as time progresses for the whole operation? My aim is to come to 300 layers and then steadily increase to a 1000

This is just my immature plan. Am I doing the math wrong here? Any input is most welcome.


  • RomanRoman Junior Member
    edited July 2011
    Having 100 chickens you`ll haVE FIRST EGGS in about 21-23 w time,
    also don`t forget you need 7-10 males as otherwise your eggs won`t be fertile and no chickens.
    You might see that your first eggs are small or soft shell which is nogood for incubuting(also any misshape,cracks).

    I hope it will help you,
    good luck bud,
  • zac's_livestockzac's_livestock Junior Member
    edited August 2011
    I produce hens on a small scale and even though you have 100 birds ther will be no guarantee on 100 eggs a day. You may only get about 70 a day and they may not start laying for a few days anyway. And then you will need cockerels. Then in 3 years all those birds will have to go as they will not lay.
    Hope this helps
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