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Bird's of a Feather?

MelaniesbabiesMelaniesbabies Junior Member
edited April 2011 in "Off Your Chest"
I am somewhat new to all this, I have been raising my chicken for just over a year, so much learning was to come that I had no idea about! I thought this can't be hard, So I went to the local feed store bought a bunch of straight run chicks, came home walked in the door with a huge smile on my face..Looked at my husband, who had back surgery 2 months prior, and said, "Baby I need you to make me a chicken coop!" The look on his face was more like this...:eek: He is a sweet heart though, We did not buy any wood just a few boxes of nail, used up every piece of wood lying around & some of the neighbors scraps too. 2 months later he had made me a coop so well & sealed all the cracks so well that I don't think an ant could get through..;) I am sure an ant could. Anyway, it has been alot of fun & some very intresting things have happened along the way..All of my friend gave me a hard time saying they will be in the house and have names and a bed to sleep on...What can I say? I like my pets!!!

The whole point of this was to tell everyone what else I do, kinda got away from it for a min...:o My husband & I live in southern Idaho, every year we take care of the hummingbirds in the South Hills area of Idaho. We travel 23 miles 2 times a week to go up there a fill up the feeders we have put up. we have about 30 feeders, This year a wild life photographer will come to our site to get pictures of them, for the 2013-2014 calenders.. I can't wait.. This year, we need help.. We are a 1 income family. I can't work anymore due to health issues. I have a hard time makng the drive to the birds & my honey often goes alone..:( We are able to cover the mass amounts of sugar we go through, he works at a sugar factory. Lucky us?? This year with all the rising cost of everything!! We NEED some help with gas, If there is anyone that would like to donate a gas card or money you can send it to 2478 Rock Creek Rd, Hansen Id 83334.. Gas cards would be so wonderful..I would like to thank those that do help & those that have in the past!! A GREAT BIG THANK YOU for all the help!! Every one here has been so wonderful with all the advice & help!
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