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livininlogslivininlogs Junior Member
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I have 4 hens 3 are americana type birds the other a black hen of some kind. All produce brown medium to large eggs. I have gotten all my hens from the local shelter city don't allow birds to roam free lol. Well I got a call about a new bird and went to get what looked like a young hen black with kind of a blue hue to the feathers. Well I get her home and find spurs when I take her out lol. No matter at least it is someplace it can run around. I put him in a small coop and medicate for a few days just to make sure then put him in the pen with the others. About 2 weeks after I got her I went out to feed and get eggs and found my regular girls product and one small white egg. My question how common is it to have a hen with spurs? I have never had any eggs like this. The bird looks to be a game type bird lean and thin. I have gotten several more since


  • Lilygirl509Lilygirl509 Senior Member
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    Well if they are short spurs I don't think it's a boy and I think it's pretty common-not sure I'm no expert!
  • mollydollymollydolly Senior Member
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    There are lots of different types of chickens, I used to have a cream legbar with one spur, she started to lay tiny eggs and then stopped within weeks. I suspect she had a damaged ovary. When they switch to the other ovary it can cause a burst of testosterone causing male characteristics. I didn't get to see if she started to lay again because a fox took her.

    maybe someone out there with more game like hens that might know of some with spurs.
  • bacati55bacati55 Junior Member
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    I am also looking forward to you with the same question as there are many breeds in the market and without having a look or information nobody can answer this in a right way.
    Kindly put a picture if you can.

  • LittlechickLittlechick Senior Member
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    Randy perhaps if you didn't paste an advertising link in your post you would get a response. We aren't interested in spam on here
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