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my poor chickens

chluckyladychluckylady Member
edited March 2011 in "Off Your Chest"
i got some chickens at the weekend from a breeder, he sold me 7 chickens all different, not having chickens before i brought seven different kinds, what a mistake, the poor white star got poorly not long after i got her home, runny nose, and cough, i put her in the shed with heat, away from the others, a few days later they all had runny noses, i been giving the poor red star, treatment, she's so sad, the others have got a bit better, only the odd cough, they don't have runny noses, i phoned the breeder and told him that the white star was poorly and i was worried they'd all die, he told he just put a lot of Bathams in with the chickens, and he was a bit worried too, and he would phone me in a few days to see how they were, he didn't, no wonder the chickens where getting poorly, with breeders like him, bringing in stock all the time, of different kinds, and adding them together, he never told us that at the time, the company had a really nice web site, seem so profesional with all the information they gave you, i will not be going there again to buy any chickens, he's just out to make money, its not just getting your money back, its the upset and suffering, i hope my red star makes it, people out there beware for these people, they're just out to take your money, chluckylady,


  • MEGANMEGAN Senior Member
    edited March 2011
    thats awful I know how you feel I got my first hens from a breeder that had a really good web site and looked reputable my first hen died 24 hours after I got her the second one was ill two days later with a respritory infection. I spent a fortune on vet bills in the first month. After the heartache of my first month I nearlly gave up on keeping hens. Two years on I now know what to watch out for and am always careful when adding new stock to separate them for a week. Hens hide illness really well until you get to know them and then you just kinda know when things are not quite right the sooner you spot it the easier to deal with. Have you had antibiotics for your hens as they sound like they need it. My vet usually gives me baytril which touch wood has always done the trick.
  • EmmaEmma Senior Member
    edited March 2011
    You poor thing, have you lost any ? Have you reported him to anyone yet ?
    I so hope they pull through for you and you go on to keep chooks for a very long time xx
  • LittlechickLittlechick Senior Member
    edited March 2011
    Which county are you in?!
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    edited March 2011
    So sorry to hear about this too. Gives you such a moral dilemma doesn't it?
    If you do choose to involve the vet, they may give you Tylan for respiratory infections. Wish you all the best with them.x
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