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decoquinate (anti-coccidian medicine)

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Decoquiante is poultry feed additives, coccidiostats, probiotics, growth promoters for poultry and large animal feeds.

1, To prevent and control the coccidiosis caused by E.tenella, E.maxima, E.acerVuline, E.necatrix, E.brunetti, E.mivati, of which are the six most harmful coccidian.
2, The drug acts on the early agamogenesis phase of coccidian, decoquinate can avoid the damage of coccidiosis from the early developmental stage of coccidian.
3, To add decoquinate will not infect the animals' absorbing of the feed and nutrient content
•Working mechanism:
The drug acts on the early agamogenesis phase of coccidian. It arrests the propagation of coccidian spores through interfering DNA synthesis when the drug enters into the spores. Hence, decoquinate can avoid the damage of coccidiosis from he early development stage of coccidian in chickens.
1, The drug can be absorbed quickly and reach the effective concentration in 1hour, and will reach to the highest thickness in 3days.
2, For poultry: there is no poisoning cases when added 800ppm (36 times the usual amounts) into the feeding stuff, and to feed the poultry in 127 days continuously. For pig, there is no poisoning cases when feed them in succession 10 days.
•Dosage: To add 20-40pm into one tone of feedstuff, and to mix them equably before use.

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