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Loss of appetite, puss in mouth, lethargic...

Sylvie SarkoshSylvie Sarkosh Junior Member
edited March 2011 in "Off Your Chest"
One of my chickens is unwell. She has been off her food and generally tired for a couple of weeks now. She used to lay double yoke eggs but now she doesn't lay any eggs at all. She's also got a swollen tongue, puffy eyes, scabs on one side of her face and puss in her mouth ?? She's sharing her coup at night time with two other chickens that appear to be healthy - I'm separating the chickens at night time so the disease doesn't spread. The chickens are let out of the coup from morning to roam the back yard until bed time. I regularly clean their coup - remove their droppings, pick out the dirty straw and spray/disinfect the coup. I have been giving my chicken a vitamin supplement to help give it energy but it's still not 100%. Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.
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