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My chickens have eaten polystyrene!!!!

linda07965linda07965 Junior Member
edited March 2011 in "Off Your Chest"
I have got severel polystyrene cell trays in my garden which I grow plants in. Couple of weeks ago I cought one of my chicken eating one of them (polystyrene not the plants) so I put them out of the way, but yesterday I caught the hen's with some more eating them like there was no tomorrow I went out straight away but they were horrified and tried to chase it, they must of jumped up really high to get them, I do hope that hav'nt done any harm to them. I have no idea why they go crazy over polystyrene.


  • LittlechickLittlechick Senior Member
    edited March 2011
    mmmmm yum! They must think it's something else! Just check their crops in the morning to make sure that it is passing through. Wonder what their poos will look like :D Don't think it will do any harm unless it causes an obstruction somewhere and don't think that is likely really. (Just crop impaction to look out for)
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited March 2011
    like i told marie the other day- buy them some proper popcorn meanie!
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    edited March 2011
    Don't worry....mine ate quite a lot of a polystyrene tray a while back....they were all fine.....BUT their poop is a bit 'interesting'.
    I believe that chickens have very perverted taste.

  • linda07965linda07965 Junior Member
    edited March 2011
    many thanks for the comments. They all seem ok with no bad effect, may be i should get them rice cakes instead
  • rcosborn5975rcosborn5975 Junior Member
    edited March 2011
    last summer my chickens found the polystyrene vent covers to our house. No harm done .... i just put extra grit in the coop ....
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