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Hatching Chicks Help!

HapySmileHapySmile Junior Member
edited February 2011 in Pure Breeds and Enthusiasts
I have a bit of a problem. I have a broody bantam sitting on some eggs, but her nesting box is quite high from the ground. When the chicks hatch, will they move about and unwittingly fall out, and if so, what can I do?

Also, I was wondering if it was at all possible to hook up a heat lamp to a car battery? Or will i need a generator?


  • marshjontymarshjonty Junior Member
    edited February 2011
    Prepare the nest with lots of bedding in a quiet, dark area of the shelter.

    Provide feed and water close to the nest.

    Separate her from the other hens if there seems to be a fight over the nest.
  • mollydollymollydolly Senior Member
    edited February 2011
    Is there any way to block the nest area in? my first chick was very active and fell out of the nest, it could not get back into the nest and mummy will not budge once they start to hatch so it died. I think once they are all a day or two old they will stay put under mum.
    Or maybe build a ramp up to the nest area so they can get in and out easily. They will need to get to food and water before they are 48 hours old.

    mum will probably keep them warm enough. I have not heard of any heaters which will work off of a car battery? maybe some of the green house heaters? that would at least take the edge off of the real cold?

  • ashgroveinnashgroveinn Senior Member
    edited February 2011
    Make a makshift nestingbox out of a cardboardbox, put it on the floor.Make a nest/floor in there, straw,shavings, paper or anything.
    Heatinglamp are usually MAINS electric, dont bother with one if you cannot safely run a cable there. Mum will keep the chicks warm, and she will not like a heatinglamp. But for heavens sake, put the box on the floor, the chicks WILL die if they cannot get under mum.
  • HapySmileHapySmile Junior Member
    edited February 2011
    So, I don't need a heat lamp. But what can I do about her nest being so high? I don't want the chicks to fall out, but I can't really move her now she has been brooding for so long. Won't it put her off?

    I could block the nest in somehow, but, unless I used wire mesh, wouldn't it be to dark?

    Thanks for all your replies so far, I am a bit of a beginner at this.
  • EmmaEmma Senior Member
    edited February 2011
    I managed to move a broody last year and she was okay with it. as long as you have one person to move hen and one to move eggs at he same time and wear thick gloves in case she goes for you. Saying that, i moved my hen to her own house which was nice and dark and she settled very well. You got to do it soon because chicks can be really active very soon after hatching, and mother hen usually takes them for a little stroll when she is sure no more are to hatch
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited February 2011
    you dont need heat if youve got a broody.....shes a big feather duvet for the babes:D
    what day are the eggs on? id try moving her somewhere safer...if the eggs are viable it will take a lot to put her off.
    make sure the new nest is quiet and darkish and plenty of bedding. and when you move the eggs take some of the current bedding with them so the smell is familiar to the broodie.
    if she is too unsettled by the move then youre going to have to adapt the current nest- with wire mesh as you said
  • HapySmileHapySmile Junior Member
    edited February 2011
    She's been brooding the eggs for about two weeks. I think enclosing the nest might be the best thing. The nest she is in now is quiet and darkish, the only problem is the height.

    Thanks for all the help!
  • battwomanbattwoman Senior Member
    edited February 2011
    when i moved my broody i had a box at hand and picked up the whole lot, hen, eggs and nest, lifted them into the box then into new nesting place asap, she was fine, just make sure your hands are right under and meeting so the eggs don't slip through, saying all that it was a bantam with only 4 eggs :D
    fi x
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