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need help quickly-just opened my duck egg and theres one inside

sammykinssammykins Member
edited February 2011 in Pure Breeds and Enthusiasts
Ive just opened my duck egg and there is one in it!!!!!!

Basically, the incubator has 7 days to go!! and since looking on so many photos on infertile eggs it looked like mine was infertile!, silly old me decided that it was no good, so i cracked open a little bit and saw a duck actually moving!! now i wouldnt mind but i had been candling this egg for a while and for about an hour this evening, after not seing any veins or movement!!

What should i do? i have taped it up just the side that was picked open and have put it back into the incubator, is this the right thing to do? god i need help.

Please i dont want to hear how silly ive been, i feel bad enough and i swear the egg was all dark and empty where the egg sack was! i really thought the egg yoke was stuck to the side and had died early

By the way its an Aylesbury duck
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