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New & improved & hopefully fox proofed duckhouse

richard27richard27 Member
edited February 2011 in "Off Your Chest"

I finally finished, i put the new lock system on yesterday & it looks pretty good if i do say so.

Pics to follow :)


  • richard27richard27 Member
    edited February 2011
    I cant put the pics up but if anyone is on facebook feel free to send me a message with your facebook details & ill add ya so you can see them or ill send the pics to someone if they can post them on here for me :)

    Where to start?

    Well ive built a 20ft by 4.5ft wide run/aviary which has two plastic sand pits as ponds in.

    also got afew meters of grass turf right outside there new house which is attached to the end of the run so all in all its about 25ft long including there house, and ive also planted lots of wild flowers inbetween there ponds which is starting to really grow now :)

    then behind the last pond i have afew meters of bark..

    I built the frame out of wood & covered it with thick metal mesh, my friends keep jokingly ask if i plan on keeping lions as it looks extra heavy duty and super safe, i made the locks by using giant rods that fit into screw eyes ontop of the wooden frame & fit into the brickwork at the side of the house which the frame is against.

    Ive just installed the motion censor lights and now wll be doing the prikka strips & highering the fence along with the electric fence :)

    Ive also ordered 3 new ducklings from jp ducks, 1 abacot ranger duck, 1 white campbell duck & a fawn & white runner drake yayyyyyyyyyyy.

    Do you all think my run & house will be ok for them 3??? i will obv let them free range afew hours aday when someone is home but obviously im alittle protective now since that fox took my last 2 free ranging ducks, RIP Donald & daffyx

    Thanks for reading

  • richard27richard27 Member
    edited February 2011
    pic 1 i hope this works :)
  • richard27richard27 Member
    edited February 2011
    Hope you can see these pics, if you can ill upload some more tomorrow as this doesnt give you a proper view
  • LittlechickLittlechick Senior Member
    edited February 2011
    Lucky ducks. Motion sensors and CCTV for the foxes? :)
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited February 2011
    youve been really busy -sounds well fox proof to me:D
    cant see the pics very well - too small
    how exciting that youre getting your new ducks when do they arrive?
  • mollydollymollydolly Senior Member
    edited February 2011
    wow well done Richard a fab new house and newbies on the way. That is such great news. I am sure that the ducks will love it.
    The photos are pretty small.
  • richard27richard27 Member
    edited February 2011
    Yea ill never ever forget donald an daffy, sadly i still have the horrible reoccuring thought of what happened......... Ill get that fox eventually...

    Im pretty sure or as sure as i can be about it being foxproof as everyone i ask says it could keep out alot more than a fox but i guess im slightly worried because of what happened previously & i difiniatly will be getting the electric fence up although ive still to speak to an expert about my plans but atleast the house is like fort knox now :)

    Do you guys & girls think the run & house will be ok for my three new ducks?
    1 abacot ranger duck
    1 white campbell duck
    1 fawn & white runner drake

    I ordered them though jp ducks as he is not to far from me & looks pretty decent so hopefully in about 5-6 weeks i should have some ducklings waddling around the garden & house with my 3 dogs, im sure the dogs miss them too, an they have watched everything ive been doing in the garden like they know something big is happening.

    Next in the fences which will be highered next week along with the fox ultrasonic system to be ordered then my electric fence & im done :)

    I added some more vegetable plants & wildflowers to the run today as i want them really established before my new arrivals as i remember how much ducks can mess up the garden :)

    I guess the big thing for me & i know its silly is i really miss waking up to quaking, some people hate the noise but even my neighbours seem to miss it cant wait for the new arrivals as for that split second when waking up in the morning & hearing them i think i could be somewhere nice living near a lake or something then i really wake up & realise where i am :( but that split seconds feels like an hour & just gives you alittle smile.

    Im slightly worried my new ducks wont be so friendly as i just dont think i could get ducks like my last 2 again as they were just so quirky & funny like the way donald would stroll in the house with daffy following & they would corner my poor spaniel & attack him, even he seems to miss them lol, or donald chasing me down the steps in the garden or me chasing him around the local park an daffy quaking her heart out until he was home, things like that. its all down to them as to why i really like ducks an have a passion for them, i find myself at present feeding the ducks along the canal or the wood pigeon i used to hate as he would annoy donald, well it seems now were friends.

    Its all down to donald an daffy though & all the hardwork ive put in goes to what they gave me.

    Thanks again everyone

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