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golden girlgolden girl Member
edited February 2007 in Market Place
hi is there a cheap way to build a coop to hold up to 10+20 chickens don't have to be fancy.thanks


  • KarlenKarlen Junior Member
    edited February 2007
    Hi, Golden Girl,

    I'm a newbee, too.

    I can't speak from personal experience yet, but I found tons of creative ideas on the web, and in chicken books that I've either purchased or borrowed from the library. Gail Damerow has interesting drawings and suggestions in her book, "Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens". If you live in a moderate climate, even a Salatin pen would do (see Joel Salatin's book "Pastured Poultry Profits"--he has very inexpensive pen designs for both broilers and layers). Robert Plamondon uses inexpensive hoop houses for his chickens See his website www.robertplamondon.com

    It seems folks have used all kinds of things to shelter their chickens, even old pick-up truck canopies can work. And lots of folks use materials they have scavenged from around their home, etc., just to get started.

    Chickens aren't picky about appearances, of course. They just need their survival needs met. Anything that keeps them safe from predators, allows them escape from inclement weather, etc., will probably do.

    Hope this gives you a lead or two. Good luck! If you learn anything interesting, I hope you'll share. We haven't started on our housing yet, either.

    Warm regards,
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