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Why are Turducken chicks as scarce as Chicken Teeth?

UrbanHillBillyUrbanHillBilly Junior Member
edited January 2011 in Pure Breeds and Enthusiasts
I was invited to a Thanksgiving Feast last year where they served Turducken as the main entree. It will be my turn this year to cater the festivities. So I want to outdo the others by growing my own Turducken this summer so that I can control every aspect of it. But I will need help as I can't ask them or I will ruin the Surprise. Space may be a problem as well, since I don't have a Yard, just a small balcony here at the condo, but I can make some room on a closet shelf for a Turducken Cage so that won't be a Problem, but what I need to know is do their feathers fall out once they commit suicide the day before Thanksgiving?


Ps, One more thing, a cousin is a vegetarian and recommended we try tofurkey, sounds Delish but I can't find any seeds for them either. Can anyone help me find some? :confused:
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