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Breeder Farmers, too much expected

breedersguineapigbreedersguineapig Junior Member
edited February 2011 in "Off Your Chest"
I've been a hen "breeder/layer" farmer for a short amount of time and have it to be very rewarding. This is the commercial secrtion.

Lately, we have been asked to do more and more to provide clean quality eggs to the hatchery and invest the effort (with good results) but get less and less of the basics they are to provide.

If you want better quality eggs, provide me the right feed formula, cleaner eggs; give me a hen that doesn't produce more droppings than they take in feed and one that some type of instinct handed down to generations instead of total test tube production, when farmer has an issue that is dramtically affeting their efficiency, performance and results, \when they come to you, help them with a solution.

Just want to say Stay the heck out of the labs to produce a hen instead of growing them and remember there is someone else that has to care for them daily to even allow for the profit margin you marvel at each ending period. So, be good to the hand that allows yours to be fed and feed.


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