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feed's cost and average cost per chicken

arsenalfcarsenalfc Junior Member
edited January 2011 in Producers and Vets
Hi guys,

I'm thinking of starting my own broiler farm but I'm bit stuck on the cost analysis especially the broiler feeds...since most of you guys are in the poultry business I'm guessing you all can help....

So what i wanted to know is:

1-what the average cost of starters/finishers feeds per ton? is $500/per ton is a reasonable price?

2-what the average feed consumption per chicken (up-to 9 weeks)?

Please advice

Many thanks


  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    edited January 2011
    Would like to help you, but I think that most of us on the forum are poultry enthusiasts and 'small time' breeders. I'm sure that very few of us make profit from keeping chickens so (quite the contrary), so our costs for keeping chickens are way too high for your proposed business costs.
    Your 'name' suggests your are in Britain, but quoting dollars suggests States (or Australia etc).
    Whatever, you may be helped by going onto Backyardchickens.com which is a very big forum where you may well find the answers.
    Good luck in your venture, even though I'm strictly vegetarian....and please treat your birds with kindness.

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