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Service Offer

andrei.chiperiandrei.chiperi Junior Member
edited January 2011 in Employment/Jobs

My name is Andrei Chiperi, I am 25 years old and live in Romania.

I collaborated with 2 poultry equipment producers (Tecno, Facco) for the last 2 years in the building of houses for egg laying hens (4+4+4 tiers 120m long, 4+4 tiers 65m long, 3+3 tiers 65m long etc.). I offer my services to anyone who may need them (building houses, maintenance, etc.). If you are in need for people with poultry building work experience for a large project we (I and my colleagues) could also arrange an international collaboration between companies, thus there would be no need for any paper work regarding employment of a foreign person.

For further information please send your questions/offers to chiperi.andrei@yahoo.com.
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