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bantam guybantam guy Junior Member
edited February 2007 in Poultry Health and Welfare
Hi, I have 21 bantams and 16 are hens and they are all free range. Can anyone tell me how I can get them to lay. I have no nesting boxes the closest thing is a old dog kennel. Any help would be great.

Bantam Guy


  • OrganicmanOrganicman Junior Member
    edited February 2007

    Well BG, I tell ya what I do (I got some bantams laying)..catch'em
    up and put'em in the chicken house with lights 24/7, feed'm layer
    pellets and plenty of water...Water is very important...May take a
    while to get'm started...Here in West Tennessee, it's snow on the
    ground and so cold that the eggs freeze and bust but they're lay'n.:D
    Light is an important factor as is the layer..(something in it) Old
    timers use black pepper in cornbread to git'm started...I've used it
    but not sure of it's true effect....Fix'm up some boxes of hay so they'll
    be comfortable with it when they start-up...Now...They'll stress-out
    with new concepts and bantams are the worlds' worst so starting
    a few is better than a bunch....Good luck with it.........Organicman...
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