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Help!!!! Sick Peacock

catcandicatcandi Junior Member
edited February 2007 in Poultry Health and Welfare
My husband's peacock is ill and I cannot figure out what is wrong with it. It is about 5 months old. I don't know if it is a male or female. It is housed with 2 other peacocks in a large elevated pen with a house on the back end and a sunporch on the front. He treated with Sulmet last week of Dec. and wormed with Rooster Booster (Hygromycin B) Jan 1-7. The other 2 birds seem fine with normal behavior, appetite and droppings. 3 Days ago I noticed one peacock seemed depressed, seeking warmth in the sun and standing with head under wing. It has been 10? to 35? F here this week so I thought maybe it was just cold. The behavior had not changed by the next day (2 days ago) so I had to remove the bird and place her in a small pen in our heated garage. It seemed like it had lost alot of wieght and muscle mass. I spent that day watching her behavior and droppings. She refused to eat, crop was empty and droppings were clear watery with white urates. It is also opening her mouth slightly when breathing in. Every now and then it streaches its neck out a bit and opens its mouth in a yawn. There is no discharge from the nostrils. I looked down the throat with a flashlight and could see nothing unusual. Clean and soft pink color with no visible worms or lesions and no odor. Since I have had respiratory problems in the past with my turkeys I thought that might be the cause. Yesterday I began feeding her 3 times a day the appropriate dose of Tylan 200 in a mix of feed I powdered in the blender and applesauce with a long armed syringe. Added vitamins and electrolytes to the water. With the respriatory infections in the turkeys, the Tylan 200 almost immediately improved thier condition. But with this peacock I have seen no improvement. She seems to be getting worse. As far as other antibiotics, on hand I have Terramycin and Pen G water soluable, but I would need the proper dosage per quart. Any you help you could offer would be appreciated. Thank You.



  • crazychickcrazychick Senior Member
    edited February 2007
    My suggestion would be to stay on the tylan for now, as taking the bird off it too early, without knowing for sure what it has, may be detrimental. My other thought is to visit the poultry connection peafowl forum with your question- copy and paste your post and see if peafowl enthusiasts might have a little more insight into what may be going on. Lastly, I might suggest a fecal or a gram stain to check for either worms (you said you dewormed, so probably not a problem) or a fungal infection (might be bacterial, but because you've started the bird on antibiotics, likely a bacterial infection wont' show up with a gram stain). A visit to the vet for bloodwork might not be a bad idea, though... There is a possibility, too, that there is an oat hull or sliver of wood stuck further down the throat or there's damage to the hyoid process- only an X ray could diagnose that, though.

    Good luck with your bird - sorry I can't help you much more. All I know is that respiratory diseases can hit peafowl and turkeys (and most pheasants) harder than it usually hits chickens, so if there's something going through your chicken flock it may be creeping into your peafowl...


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