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Limping Plymouth Rock Walks a little sits down to eat

YoncallaChickersYoncallaChickers Junior Member
edited January 2007 in Poultry Health and Welfare
Hello everyone,

This is our first post on this site...

We have a Plymouth Rock Hen that kind of limps when she walks, we know her leg is bothering her, and she will walk a little ways and then sit down and peck at the ground. We looked at her legs and feet and there doesn't appear to be any open sore or any swelling. But when she sits down, her sore leg seems to stick out to the side. As far as we can tell she is drinking eating fine, we do suspect that her egg today was about 1/3 smaller than usual. She was fine yesterday

We have 6 other hens that are all doing fine.



  • crazychickcrazychick Senior Member
    edited January 2007

    She may have strained or sprained her leg jumping down from the roost- did this come on quickly or was it over a matter of days or weeks? Also, check the bottom of her feet for scabs or swelling (and heat)- this indicates bumblefoot, a treatable but painful infection of the foot pad. Check up and down her leg and gently rotate it to see if there is a sore spot...

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