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Chicken Diagnosis Software for Palm, PocketPC & WM Devices

limberlimber Junior Member
edited January 2007 in Market Place
Chicken Diagnosis 2.0 (CDx2) is your quickest reference of chicken diseases. With added features and an improved diagnostic algorithm, CDx2 is a reliable partner in the field of poultry practice.
Features: 3 interchangeable selections for clinical signs, 3 interchangeable selections for gross lesions, editable “disease list” database, editable “clinical signs” database, editable “gross lesions” database, disease overview, note-taking, & glossary.
CDx2 is a great tool for veterinarians, veterinary students, poultry technicians, and poultry farmers.
CDx2 runs on Palm OS 3.5 & higher, Pocket PC 2002 / Windows CE 3.x, Pocket PC 2003, and Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC. CDx2 will not work on Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphones.

Get your Chicken Diagnosis at http://www.islandcoders.com/.
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