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I have four Bantams, three Polands and an Australorp who will probably have some new friends at some point! They are currently in a 4-6 bird house from
www.henhouseworld.co.uk/ {CH103} which I was given.

It is ok - although there is not a solid floor, just the removable droppings tray. We have quite cold and wet winters up here {North Scotland}, and I'm thinking it would be good to have something with some shelter for them - and maybe less draughty?

Does anyone have the Cocoon 2500 house from Amazon or Ebay? It has a raised house {easier for me to clean out as I have some mobility issues} and a covered run. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003WJSUFS/ref=ord_cart_shr?ie=UTF8&m=A3M167022STUZS

I hope eventually to have the chickens totally free range, the dogs {Cavalier King Charles Spaniels} are getting used to them first, so they are currently in a large temporary run, made with that orange plastic mesh fencing.

With the Cocoon house, I would put it on slabs with wood chip - and they could have somewhere secure for when I'm not about {we have foxes and Pine Martens to contend with - also a resident stoat who has decimated the local vole and mouse population!, but I'm not sure if he would take Bantams?}. Probably in time would plan to cover the roof and run with Onduline or something similar, to make it last longer.

Thanks in advance for any advice and help.

I would of course love the Eglu cube but sadly the budget doesn't stretch that far :( ...any alternative suggestions gratefully received {I'm not in a position to build my own house unfortunately}.


  • taz08taz08 Junior Member
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    i have a simular 1 of them
    it says you can get 6 hens in it
    not nearly enough room
    i put 5 bantams in it with an extra run
    dont get me wrong its a great house/run
    and it dose have a solid base too
    ohh word of warning
    in high winds the house roof opens up so better attach something to keep it shut :eek:
    trying to catch hambergs isnt funny!!!:D
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    Thanks for the reply, that's really helpful. We have high winds here...so I will have to fix something.
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