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leaking waterer in coop

modaymoday Member
edited January 2007 in Poultry Health and Welfare
I am having my two gallon waterer overflow in my coop. It is a galvanized model where the one half slides over the other half and creates a vacuum inside. I take it this means that the waterer has a leak and is losing its vacuum. It takes a couple hours to start overflowing. Has anyone ever had luck patching these? I can't see the leak spot even when I invert the lid and fill it. Can silicone be used or something different? I didn't know if it would be risky to use such a material for the birds or the eggs that they lay for us. Any other ideas? The waterer is less than 6 months old, but it has been real cold here in Michigan. Maybe this is normal? Please advise on sealing material.



  • crazychickcrazychick Senior Member
    edited January 2007
    Sometimes the reason that those waterers overflow is because they are set at a very slight angle- if the hole where the water comes out is on the down slope, it is usually okay, but if the hole is anywhere BUT the absolute furthest "down" spot, the water will continue flowing out the hole and overflow the tray, getting water everywhere. Try filling it and setting it on an absolutely level surface and see if that makes a difference. If it still leaks, then I would personally return it or toss it- I would be hesitant about using silicone as the hens might pick at it. I've run the gamut, trying to find the perfect waterer and have settled on "rubbermaid" sink tubs- they are about the right size to fit in your kitchen sink and are normally used for doing dishes. They have rounded corners so you can easily clean them and they water about 50 chickens for one day quite easily. Then, there's no temptation to leave the water for several days- they must be cleaned everyday- fresh water is a necessity for healthy laying hens. That's another reason I didnt' like the large waterers- too much temptation to leave water in there, growing algae etc, and not clean them (or the bases) out often enough.

  • modaymoday Member
    edited January 2007
    Can you leave the plastic tubs on the heated bases? I need to keep things warm in the winter.
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