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Help!!!! Very Urgent!!!

Martin71Martin71 Junior Member
edited August 2010 in Producers and Vets
I have a chicken and a good while ago it started coughing/sneezing and making kind of gargling noises. Also its eyes are red and the tissue around the eyes are swollen... and it has a bit of a runny nose...after a lot of consideration I called the vet on friday and he wants me to take it to the government for testing...and they wont be covering the charge... I think i made the mistake of saying "Newcastles Disease" while chatting about what stuff i have heard of... I am only a small breeder, nothing special and i have never had any issues at all and they want me to take it up tomorrow morning but I have read about and it dosent seem like newcastles.. but i dont know alot so i was wondering if there was anyone out there who would have ANY advice/information or would have any ideas of what it is or would like me to check her for somethingto reply or email me. asap martin.dickson71@hotmail.com
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